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Once you’ve accepted the reality of divorce, adjusting to divorce is the next step. This is when you begin to pick up the pieces to re-build your life. Transitioning to a new lifestyle is one of the biggest adjustments one can make after divorce. Adjustment requires taking action and making decisions while grieving the loss of your marriage, and can be a difficult time.

One important aspect of adjustment is mourning the end of your marriage. For some, mourning will mean remembering and missing the “good times” in marriage and looking forward to positive experiences ahead. For others, mourning will mean feeling negative, defeated and full of self-pity. Whether you go through a positive or negative mourning period after your divorce, adjustment is an important time to get your life back in order.

The Divorce Recovery Workshop offers meaningful and practical ways to overcome the pain, anger, and hurt and to discover wholesome principles to find that there is happiness and fulfillment beyond the sadness and disruption of divorce.

During the adjustment phase of divorce, it is common to have both positive and negative thoughts about the divorce. Our goal is to give you tools to assist you in navigating your emotions in the most productive.

Understanding Adjustment to Divorce

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In this part of the Divorce Recovery Workshop, you will be able to:

What is in it for you?

"The most important thing I got from DRW was the feeling that I was not alone. I was in a destructive relationship which often creates isolation. You become suspended in this alternate reality that your life has dwindled down to. DRW helped me understand that my feelings were OK to have: that they were relevant; and not uncommon. This was all despite the fact that I was in the minority: I left my spouse. Most others in my group had been left by their partners. I was able to share or just listen; after each evening's topic when we broke out into smaller sessions, it was very helpful to listen to others' experiences, emotion, and coping mechanisms. It was also great to have a true mix; male and female perspectives, newly divorced and not so newly, and a diverse age group. This all helped lessen the blow somehow. It made me feel part of the world again. I had spent so much time with my (ex)husband that I did not have a sense of reality. DRW helped me find that." ~Janine

"DRW has helped me learn the difference between caring about my ex-husband as a human and no longer caring for him as my partner. I remember feeling that my situation was unique and that no one here would understand why my divorce was so painful even though we remained cordial and kind to each other. I learned early on that I was wrong - divorce is divorce, grief is grief, dealing with a former spouse is dealing with a former spouse." ~Elly


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