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November 2, 2017
 – The Shape of the Journey -
Dave Brisbin, M.Div, Author & Pastor

How much does life makes sense to you...let alone has a sense of meaning and purpose? How frustrating is it to feel there's no real plan to your life or that the traumas and losses you've experienced have stripped away the plans you made? What if there were an overall shape, a template you could overlay on your life that while never giving certainty, would bring some clarity on where you're headed and what's important? There is such a template--and people from most ancient times until just the last few centuries in the West have used it to give shape and meaning to life. Call them rites of passage or hero's journeys, they outline the first and second halves of our lives, help us find purpose in progression and meaning in tragedy and pain. Join author and pastor Dave Brisbin in a practical and meaningful look at the shape of lives that make sense.

November 9, 2017
 – T.A.L.K.  Relationship strategies that really work! -
Tamara Kaye Severin, Author and Speaker
Most people want to be understood. Effective communication depends on it.
In this highly informative presentation Tamara will teach you how to listen to what  "language" someone is speaking and  how to be a better communicator as a result. In less than an hour you will learn what to listen and watch for as you decipher those around you. These relationship strategies are crucial to building and keeping the relationships you value most.

November 16, 2017
Relationship 101: Resolving Conflict - Mike Marino, PhD

In every relationship, there will, eventually, be disagreement.  It’s simply not possible to stay in harmony all the time, at least not between two humans.  How you handle disagreement, or conflict, can either make your relationships stronger - or tear them apart.  In this presentation Dr. Marino will tell you what works and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t!  Whether it’s family, marriage, dating, work or friends, you’ll leave with practical tools to build strong, healthy and meaningful relationships in your life. 

$5.00 donation at the door
Single Adults Only -
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, Dierenfield Hall *

Thursdays: November 2nd, 9th, May 11th & 16th -  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
* Unless relocating to another room is deemed necessary by the church

New Directions, Fall 2017

A three week series of independent seminars focused on moving forward after life changing events or circumstances.  

After the Divorce Recovery Workshop, the New Directions Workshop Series goes into more advanced aspects of thriving after divorce. Topics include dating, financial considerations, time management and strategies for building a new system of support. While this series is open to any adult, it is an extension of the actual Divorce Recovery Workshop, and serves as a continuation of that community and a support group for divorce recovery.

New Directions Program

What is in it for you?

In this 4-week seminar series, the New Directions Workshop will help you to:

"Being with people who understand." ~Nancy

"It was like a mirror for me. The subject is a great start." ~Russ

"I was in a very bad way when I came here tonight, and I'm leaving with hope." ~Anonymous

"Get right with yourself before entering into a relationship." ~Linda

"I learned that I could be prepared to be single forever. I should not require another person to make me happy." ~Anonymous

"I heard the other side's opinion on the subject." ~Brandy

"Topic was good. Lots of examples and scenarios were helpful." ~Bob


At each weekly meeting, we hear from engaging speakers who present a relational topic with humor and fresh insight providing thought provoking questions for discussion and interaction with others. The goal of the New Directions Workshop series is to leave each attendee with a renewed treasure to apply to their daily lives.

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