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One of the most important aspects of growth is allowing yourself the time to heal from your divorce. Without time and self-reflection, it can be hard to learn all you can from this experience. We understand that the healing process is a daily one, and we encourage all attendees to avoid rushing through this very important.

A recent attendee of the workshop said "this helped me learn strategies for getting on with my life." That is what we do. Everyone who attends will be in a better place to move forward in a positive manner when the six week workshop concludes.

How can you learn from this? Are you stronger because of your divorce? Growth happens after you have accepted and adjusted to your life after divorce. The storm is over, and now it is time to move on. Growth means learning from your divorce, and looking forward to the new life ahead of you.

Growing through divorce is a day-by-day process, not an overnight awakening. Growth cannot be sped up or slowed down, it is simply a time of healing and living in the present. Growth comes from knowing that your life will be better because of what you have learned through your divorce. Through self-reflection, learning, and thinking, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself. This understanding will benefit you for life after divorce.

How can we help?

Growing through Divorce

In this part of the Divorce Recovery Workshop, you will be able to:

What is in it for you?

"DRW was a lifesaver. During my divorce process I felt very alone. It was wonderful to have somewhere to go every week and be with people who were going through what I was going through and understood my pain. Flan's talks gave me hope and direction, but it was really in the small groups I found what I needed to start the healing process. There I found a safe environment that I could grow in and learn from. The group was so warm and welcoming. As I said above, I felt so alone. I cannot convey enough how helpful it was to go to DRW every week and see familiar faces and friends.”  ~Anonymous


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