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The most common reaction to the news of divorce is shock. Depending on your natural disposition, you may withdraw from friends and family, or start to busy yourself in an effort not to deal with the situation at hand. In the first stages of divorce recovery it is not uncommon for people to withdraw from social activities that they once enjoyed. This may involve making little or no contact with friends and family. Social withdrawal may be tied to feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment the situation at hand.

Another common way of dealing with shock is constantly keeping busy. If you are constantly on the go, you do not have time to stop and think about the divorce, the relationship, and the future. Both of these reactions prevent the first step of healing after divorce—acceptance. Only when we accept that this is really happening to us can we then get on with healing and thriving after divorce.

Shock of Divorce - This is not happening?

If you are dealing with the shock of divorce, we want you to know that these feelings are a normal part of the divorce process. Many before you have felt this exact same way, and these feelings are not a mark of anything other than the normal grieving process.

The Divorce Recovery Workshop is built to assist attendees in raising self-esteem to deal constructively with the reality of divorce and life issues that may hold us back from becoming the people we are meant to be.

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In this part of the Divorce Recovery Workshop, you will be able to:

"I was 49 years old and married for twenty years with two children, who were 17 and 15 at the time. I thought I had a solid marriage and was totally caught off guard when my wife told me she wanted a divorce. I was miserable and depression soon set in. My daughter told me she had heard about the Divorce Recovery Workshop from one of her group leaders at church. I attended in the spring of 1997 and it literally saved my life. I walked in the first night and found nearly 200 people who were going through the same thing that I was. It turned out to be a safe, reassuring environment to make new friends and get my life moving forward. My daughter even attended the Teen Workshop and she totally enjoyed it. I then became a Facilitator at the following session so that I could help others. I have been helping out at "DRW" ever since that time. Everyone involved with the program volunteers their time, including the Workshop Leader, Dr. Bill 'Flan' Flanagan. I am always amazed at the transformation that occurs in the participants in the 6 short weeks of the program. They go from being gloom and silent to having the ability to talk and laugh with new friends. From Flan's consistently appropriate lectures to the small group meetings, the program works. It's too bad that more people who are going through a divorce do not know that this program exists or what it can do for you." ~Dale

"I attended DRW based on the recommendation of a friend who found it to be extremely helpful through his divorce. I am glad I took his advice! Although I attended DRW in the view early stages of my divorce, I found it gave me reassurance that I would survive! DRW also helped me to make some sense of what made no sense to me at that time of my life. I found DRW provided insight, hope, understanding and even laughter when it was most needed." ~Kristine

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